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I give my pledge as an American, to save and faithfully to defend from waste, the natural resources of my country; its air, soil and minerals, its forests, waters, and wildlife.

This is my pledge.




Article I

The name of this organization shall be the Richland Sportsmen's Association, Inc.

Article II

The purpose of this association shall be:

Section1: To create and foster a spirit of good fellowship, fraternity and companionship by furnishing and promoting interest and information on the sports of hunting, fishing and related areas for education, entertainment and amusement of the membership.  To give instructions in the careful and lawful use of firearms and to support the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution. 

Section 2: To promote, aid and encourage non-partisan legislation and policies looking to the conservation of our natural resources, and especially of game, fish, forests, air and streams. 

Section 3: To hold membership and/or affiliation in such organizations as the membership deems proper.

Section 4: To own, lease and maintain those lands, buildings and facilities necessary to carry out the above purposes.

Article III

Section 1: Membership may be held by those willing to subscribe to and abide by the bylaws of this association as herein set forth, membership shall be 6 (six) classes; Life, Active, Associate, Junior, Active Family, and Associate Family.

Life members shall have a full right to vote, may hold any elective office of the association and shall enjoy all social privileges. 

Active members shall have full right to vote, providing the member has attended at least 4 (four) meetings and providing15 hours of service in a calendar year.  (See Section 20 for Service details.)  He may hold any elective office of the association and shall enjoy all social privileges.  

Associate member is any member not attending at least 4 (four) meetings and not providing15 hours of service in a calendar year, unless prevented by illness or other approved reasons.  He shall have no vote and all new member’s club key privileges are only awarded after the first six-month period. 

Junior membership shall consist of the age group six (6) through seventeen (17).  Junior members are not eligible to hold office or vote. Junior members will be given a club key card but access privileges are not granted until Active or Associate membership status obtained.  Jr. members are not given a key to access the club’s farm property. They may attend those social functions to which invited. 

Active Family Membership is open to all applicants and shall include the member and spouse plus any dependent children under the age of 18.  


At least one of the adult members must maintain Active membership status per Item B. 
Both adult members shall be entitled to one vote each in any election or vote called for by the Board of Directors – as long as one of the adult members maintains Active status.
At age 18 family Jr. members will be considered adult members and be subject to adult membership classifications and dues payments.
The adult family members are responsible for the conduct of their Jr. family members at all times they are on the range or other Club property. 
In the event a marriage dissolves, both adult members shall retain family membership status until the end of that year’s term. 

Associate Family Membership status is applied to any Family Membership where both adult members fall under Associate Member classification per Item C and so as such they are subject to Family Membership Associate dues rates.  All other qualifiers remain the same.  

Any member who has been expelled from the association for any reason, other than nonpayment of dues, is barred from becoming a member of the association in the future, except as follows: 

Three (3) members in good standing may petition, in writing, the membership committee on behalf of the expelled member.  The membership committee shall meet with the three (3) petitioners and the expelled member.  The committee shall hear explanations and comments and the chairman shall make a full report and present the committee's recommendation at the next regular meeting to the membership at large.  At the meeting the membership shall vote to accept or reject the reapplication of the member in question.  If accepted, the expelled member may apply for re-admission in accordance with Article III, Section 3. 

Section 2: Membership shall not be granted to applicants who are under sentence or suspension for violation of a Pennsylvania Fish, Game or Trespass Law or have been convicted of a felony. 

Section 3:
The name of any person eighteen (18) years of age or over, desiring to join the association can be proposed by any member in good standing on an application form provided by the association, signed by the member.  The applicant or sponsor must be present at the regular meeting when proposed.  The applicant's annual dues and application fee must be paid at this time.  Acceptance will be by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the members present at any regular meeting. The applicant shall not be present (in voting room) when vote is cast.   

Jr. members are required to also fill out a membership application so that such members can be properly tracked.  And as identified in Article III, Section 1, Item D.  Additionally, the applicant’s annual dues must be paid at this time.  The Application fee is not applicable to Jr. Members.

At any regular meeting the President may elect to call for a single ballot, by the Secretary, for all applicants. This ballot is to be known as a general ballot.  The general ballot cannot be had when any objection is heard from the floor.  



Section 4: 
The membership register shall normally be open twelve (12) months of the year. The Board may elect to close the membership register by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote at any Board meeting, immediately after which no applications for any membership may be considered.  Upon such action, the President shall cause notification of closing to be posted in the club house.  Such notification shall also be in the newsletter.  

No application for membership of any kind shall be accepted by the association during the time the membership register is closed.  During this time, a waiting list shall be maintained. 

The membership register shall remain closed until the Board elects to re-open the membership register by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote at any Board meeting, unless other provisions for re-opening were made as part of the motion to close the register. 

Section 5:
A member entering the armed services shall be exempted from payment of dues until his active duty ceases.

A member in personal financial difficulty or physically disabled may be exempted from payment of dues for a period of one year upon review.  This shall be at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

A member entering full time school or college shall be exempted from payment of dues, except for a five-dollar ($5.00) fee, until his schooling ceases or upon graduation. Full time shall be defined as a student carrying 12 or more credits per semester.

Section 6: The application fee will be set by the Board of Directors and must accompany membership application.  Fee is non-refundable if not approved. 

Section 7: The annual dues will be set by the Board of Directors for all membership types and is payable during the fourth quarter of the preceding year to maintain membership.  Payment after this period will be subject to a late fee set by the Board of Directors.  Each member will be notified of the next year’s applicable dues rate during the first week of October.  Members will be notified via mail or email as well as rates being posted at the club and in the newsletter. 

Section 8: Active or associate members whose dues remain unpaid as of the start of the following January regular meeting shall be dropped from the membership register.  Reinstatement may be made by paying current dues plus late fee or, if after a lapse of one (1) year, by applying for new membership as described in Article III, Section 3. 

Section 9: Any new member joining this organization after June 30 of the year is subject to pay one-half (1/2) the dues rate plus full application fee. If new membership is awarded in the last quarter of the year full payment for the following year shall be due plus full application fee.  No payment shall be required for current final quarter. 



Section 10: Any member who has paid dues for at least ten (10) consecutive years immediately preceding his sixty-fifth (65) birthday shall be granted lifetime membership at age sixty-five (65) or at any age over sixty-five (65) when he shall have been a member and paid dues for ten (10) consecutive years.  A lifetime member shall have all privileges of active membership and shall be exempt from further payment of dues.

Section 11: Junior members shall pay five dollars ($5.00) per year dues and are exempt from the initiation and penalty fees or, if after a lapse of one (1) year, by applying for new membership as stated above. 

Section 12: Any member, who does not abide by these bylaws and is reported to any officer, shall stand trial at the next Board meeting.  After hearing his defense, the Board shall vote by secret ballot to determine if the accused shall require removal or sanction in writing.  This action requires a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote by the Board members present. 

Section 13: Upon notification of the death of any member in good standing, a spouse or any school aged children, the Treasurer shall initiate the designation of flowers or monies in an amount not to exceed one hundred dollars ($100.00). 

Section 14: Each member upon acceptance to the club is given an electronic key card.  Card access to the club house is not active for new members for a period of six months.  This is a six-month probation membership period.  After six months the key card will be activated.  A gate lock key to the Club’s Butler Farm property is given upon request plus fee. 

Section 15: A Junior member does receive an electronic key card upon membership however a junior member is not permitted to have an active key or to be in the club house or at the Butler farm without the supervision of an Active adult member.  Junior members do not get a farm gate key.  Any member found guilty of loaning his membership card or key to any other person will be subject to Article III, Section 12. 

Section 16: A record of attendance will be maintained by the Sergeant-at-Arms at all regular meetings. A record of service will also be maintained by the Chairman of the applicable related activity.

Section 17: Discussions pertaining to religion or partisan politics are forbidden during the meetings. 

Section 18: All business of the association shall be conducted without regard to race, color, creed, religion, sex, or national origin. 

Section 19: Where these bylaws refer to "he" or "him," they shall be understood and read as "he/she" or "him/her". 

Section 20: Service time, as well as attendance at four monthly meetings, is required for Active Member status.  It is the responsibility of each member to report their service time to the applicable Committee Chairman who is then to report such to the Membership Chairman.

Unless otherwise noted, service time will be tracked in half-hour increments and will include time spent working events or efforts including, but not limited to: Hoagie sales, picnics, fishing outing, work days, turkey shoot, gun bash (parking services, food preparation, setup/takedown, etc.), Christmas party, club or farm maintenance, kitchen work, (including meetings) etc.  
Additionally, if you work an activity such as Jr. Rifle or Jr. Archery, Hunter safety training, you should report your applicable time with those efforts.  
Note: Just attending a function does not grant service hours.

Article IV

Section 1: Regular meetings of the association shall be held at such times and places as shall be deemed suitable by the officers, provided ten (10) days written notice is given in case of a change.  There shall be no less than one (1) regular meeting in each month.

Section 2: Special meetings of the general membership may be called by the President at any time, or upon written request signed by a two-thirds (2/3) majority of the Board of Directors, or upon written request by ten (10) members of the association; the purpose to be stated in such written request. 

Section 3: When such written request has been delivered to Recording Secretary, it shall be the duty of the President to immediately call a special meeting for the purpose stated in request.  Notices of special meetings shall be in writing and delivered or e-mailed to each member.  At such a meeting, no business other than that for which the meeting was called shall be transacted. 

Section 4: All meetings shall be conducted according to parliamentary rules as set forth in these bylaws.  In areas not covered by these bylaws and when not in conflict with these bylaws, Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised shall be considered the parliamentary authority.

Section 5: Only individual and both adults of an Active Family membership and Lifetime members may vote, and shall have one vote a piece. Absentee ballots shall be made available upon request and must be turned in prior to voting day – turned in to the Sargent of Arms or Vice President.

Section 6: Nominations of officers and directors shall be held during the regular meetings of October and November.  Elections of officers and directors shall be held during the regular meeting of December.  The annual meeting and installation of officers and directors shall take place at the regular meeting in January. 

Section 7: At the regular meeting, the order of business shall be:
Opening by President
Call to order
Pledge of Allegiance
Conservation Pledge
Roll call of officers 
Minutes of previous meeting
Treasurer’s report
Committees (by Committee Chairman)
Old business
New Business
New members
Installation of new officers

Section 8: No non-members of the association shall be present at a regular meeting unless personally invited by one of the members. 

Section 9: All debate must be carried out in sincerity with restraint and openness.  Remarks of a personal or sarcastic nature, liable to injure the feelings of other members, must carefully be avoided so that the principles of the association, being the propagation of unity and cheerfulness, be maintained. 


Section 10: Fifteen members of the association, three (3) of which shall be members of the Board of Directors, shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business at the general meeting. 

Article V

Section 1:
The officers of the association shall consist of President, Vice-President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer and Sergeant-at-arms.  

The Board of Directors shall consist of seven (7) members elected at large, one (1) Junior Member Representative (when available) and the elected officers.  

Section 2: To be eligible to hold office, a member must be active and in good standing.  He must be a member at least one (1) year and must have attended at least six (6) of the twelve (12) previous meetings and have provided fifteen (15) hours of service in the calendar year.  

Section 3: The terms of office of the President, Vice-President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer and Sergeant-at-arms shall be for two (2) years or until the election of their successors.  They may succeed themselves. 

Section 4: The term of office for the at large members of the Board of Directors shall be for three (3) years or until the election of their successors.  They may succeed themselves. 

Section 5: Any officer who leaves office, for any reason, shall turn over all association property and legal papers to the remaining officers who shall review that property and papers and turn them over to the newly elected officers. 

Section 6: Any member elected to office of this organization shall upon election attend and officiate the duties of his office at all director and membership meetings.  Any absence at three (3) membership meetings per elected year shall constitute the termination of his office and he shall upon his own doing notify the President and Board of his resignation from office.  If not done as per bylaws, he will be replaced by the President and Board at a directors meeting unless this member holding office can prove to the Board or show reason for his absence.  

Section 7: Any officer may be removed for neglect of duty or for any improprieties in office.  A written copy of the charges must be filed with the Recording Secretary and a copy of the same served upon the officer in question, personally, or by registered mail at his last known address as it appears in the records of the association; a fair trial must be held before the Board of Directors and a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the members present at that meeting shall be precedent there to. 

Article VI

Section 1: The President
The President shall preside at all meetings of the club, and have general supervision of club affairs.  He shall appoint the chairman of all standing committees, and shall be a member of     ex-officio of all committees. 
The President may not participate in debates and must fulfill conscientiously all other duties connected with presidential office. 

The President shall decide, with his vote, in case of ties.
The President shall, with the Recording Secretary, sign all written contracts and written obligations of the club.
The President shall appoint a delegate and alternates to any organization to which the club belongs. 
Necessary committees will be appointed by the President.

Section 2: The Vice President
It shall be the duty of the Vice-President to render to the President such assistance as he may require of him and in the absence of the President shall perform his duties. 
The Vice-President shall conduct all elections. 
The Vice-President shall be a member of all committees.

Section 3: The Recording Secretary
The Recording Secretary shall put all deliberations on record. 
The Recording Secretary shall apply the official seal of the club on all legal papers and documents. No papers or documents shall be legal without the official seal of the club. 
The Recording Secretary shall keep all records, books, documents and papers relating to the club.

Section 4: The Corresponding Secretary
The Corresponding Secretary shall handle all correspondence as the club or Board of Directors shall direct. 
The Corresponding Secretary shall be the public relations officer. 
The Corresponding Secretary shall be chairman of the Publicity committee.

Section 5: The Treasurer
The Treasurer shall make out all checks and execute all payments. All checks should have two signatures – the Treasurer being one and the other that of the President or Recording Secretary.
The Treasurer shall keep a strict book control over received and paid out accounts so that he can present such entries to the club in good order at each regular monthly meeting. 
The Treasurer shall at each regular monthly meeting give this bank balances plus new deposits and expenditures. 
The Treasurer shall surrender his books to the Board of Directors to be audited at the end of each year, or upon special request by the membership. 
The Treasurer cannot be Chairman of the Finance Committee but is a Finance Committee member. 

Section 6: Sergeant -at-Arms
The Sergeant-at-Arms shall assist the President in maintaining order at meetings. 
The Sergeant-at-Arms shall rule on questions of parliamentary procedure. 
The Sergeant-at-Arms shall confirm members at the door at regular meetings. 
The Sergeant-at-Arms shall be responsible for the entry of non-members at regular meetings. 

Section 7: Membership Chairman
The Membership Chairman shall head the Activities Committee
The Membership Chairman shall maintain a membership list and all applicable data – such as Service Time / meetings attended / payment of dues.
The Membership Chairman shall track service time as submitted to him by Committee Chairs.


Section 7: Seven (7) Board members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business of the Board of Directors. 

Section 8: Any officer desiring to resign shall do so in writing by submitting a copy of the resignation to the Recording Secretary.  The resignation shall be acted upon at the next regular meeting of the Board of Directors.  Their action shall be final. 

Section 9: The Executive Committee shall be comprised of all officers, Board of Directors and chairman of all standing committees. The President shall be the chairman of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall meet annually in March.  

Article VII

Section 1: The Board of Directors shall consist of seven (7) members elected at large and the elected officers. 

The Junior Member Representative shall have voting privileges at Board meetings. 

Section 2: The term of the Board of Directors elected at large shall be three (3) years or until the election of their successors. 

Section 3: The Board of Directors shall hold regular meetings at the call of the President, but not less than one each month prior to the regular meeting.  The President shall be chairman of the Board of Directors. 

Section 4: The Board of Directors shall have the power to fill any unexpired term of office. 

Section 5: The Board of Directors shall have charge of the association. 

Section 6: The Board of Directors shall examine and approve all expenditures, excluding taxes, insurance and utilities, over eight hundred dollars ($800.00) for the recommendation to the general membership for the final approval.  Very large expenditures, such as the purchase of land and/or buildings, shall require approval of the Board of Directors and final approval by two-thirds (2/3) majority of those present at a regular meeting, provided that at least thirty (30) days’ notice of the vote was given to the membership.  The Board may authorize any expenditure under eight hundred dollars ($800.00) and all regular monthly utility bills without approval of the general membership.  


Article VIII

Section 1: It shall be the duty of the President at the February meeting to appoint a chairman for 
each of the standing committees. 

Section 2:
The Activities Committee shall be responsible for all non-regular activities and consist of three (3) members minimum.  


The Club House Committee shall be responsible for the building and property and all related maintenance to such property.  It shall regulate the range, shooting times and care of all related equipment.  Junior rife, pistol and archery shall fall under this committee.  It will consist of five (5) members minimum.  

The Butler Farm Committee shall be responsible for all trap related shooting events and camp outs at the Butler Farm.  Maintenance of the Butler Farm and related projects shall be governed by this committee. It shall consist of a minimum of five (5) members. 

The Conservation, Legislation and Game Management Committee shall be responsible for all legislative matters and game management practices pertaining to the Pennsylvania Game Commission, Hunters education, Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission, and The Department of Forest & Water & Soil Conservation.  The committee is to be responsible for all correspondence to such agencies. It shall consist of a minimum of five (5) club members. 

The Membership and Nomination Committee shall be responsible for new applicants, and as a board to familiarize new members as to the benefits of the club and of club member responsibilities to the association.  Nominations from the floor may be made at this time. It shall prepare the ballots and assist the Vice-President in conducting the election.  It shall consist of a minimum of five (5) club members. 

Raffles Committee is responsible for conducting all raffles. It shall consist of a minimum of three (3) club members. 
The Finance-Investment Committee shall project expenses for the year and oversee the fund-raising activities to meet those expenses.  It shall consist of three (3) members minimum.  
The Publicity Committee shall consist of three (3) members chaired by the Corresponding Secretary and will work in conjunction with all other committees to see that all association activities receive due publicity. 

Section 3: It shall be the duty of the Vise-President and chairman of each committee to notify all other members of the committee, and the President, of the time and place of the meeting.  They shall be responsible to report committee activities to the general membership at regular meetings.  

Article IX

Section 1: Any member found guilty of defrauding or attempting to defraud the association shall be subject to immediate expulsion and if deemed necessary, to prosecution before a court of law.

Section 2: Any member found guilty of violating the bylaws, association rules, or for conduct unbecoming a member of the association, or shall have been found guilty of any felony in violation of the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, shall be subject to suspension or expulsion, after his case has been considered by the Board of Directors. 

Section 3: Any member pleading guilty or found guilty of any violation of the provisions of the Fish and Game laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania before or by the proper authorities, may be subject to expulsion after a hearing and due consideration of the Board of Directors.  


Section 4: No member may use the club name or property for personal gain.

Section 5: It is the express duty of all members in good standing of this organization to assist in the policies of club property.  It shall be their duty to ask other persons on the association premises to see their membership cards.  Any person found on association land who is not a member shall be reported to the proper committee or member of the Board of Directors immediately.  Members of the association shall carry their membership key card at all times while on association premises. 

Article X

This association shall not be dissolved as long as seven (7) members in good standing desire to continue it.  In the case of dissolution, what is to happen to the funds remaining in the treasury and all properties shall be determined by the (remaining) Board of Directors.  

Article XI

No alteration or amendments shall be made to these bylaws unless the same be proposed and read at two successive meetings and presented in the club newsletter publications and the membership notified at least two (2) weeks in advance of the proposed action, nor then without the consent of two-thirds (2/3) majority of the membership present.  



All members must abide by the bylaws of the association.

Before leaving premises, all trash must be put in proper containers.

Before leaving premises, all windows are to be closed and locked. All lights are to be turned out, thermostats to be turned down, and doors are to be locked. 

No league shooting without an NRA Certified Instructor present. 

No alcoholic or intoxicating beverages while ranges are in use. 

The beverages on the premises are for your convenience. Please pay the donation fee for any beverages that you take. 

No member can remove or borrow any equipment from the club without contacting the Corresponding Secretary and then signing them out. 

Club rental is to be coordinated with the Corresponding Secretary or Club House Committee Chairman.

The Butler farm is for your use. Please use it, but do not abuse it. 



Membership cards must be carried at all times, when on club property – and shown upon request by another member.

Any current member 18 (eighteen) years of age or older can purchase a gate key. 

Club members are permitted to hunt club property, as long as they follow all State hunting laws.

No tree stands on club property.

Shooting at designated ranges only.

No shot shells to be used at rifle/pistol range. 

Take trash with you. 

No dumping of trash on club property. 

Lock gate upon entering and leaving property. 

Catch and release fish at the pond. 

Stay on designated roads. 

No cutting firewood, unless approved by the Butler Farm Committee. 

No quads or A.T.V. on club property.

Any problems at the Butler Farm, members should call the club number: (724) 759-1346 and report any problems or have any questions.



No junior members or associate members allowed access to a key or in the club house without an active adult member present.

No shooting above .22LR caliber at club house.

No shooting at archery back stops with firearms. 

No one permitted up-stairs while .22LR caliber firearms range is in use. 

A range fee will be charges. If no one is present to collect the money, pay the treasurer at the next membership meeting or place money in collection box. 

Abide by the rules posted for pool, shuffle board and ping pong. 

If ANY issues members should call the club number (724) 759-1346 and report any problems or if they have any questions. 

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